5 ways to practice self love

Remember when I was supposed to tell you how I practice self-love about a month ago? Well, it’s better late than never! Here are some ways that work for me and hopefully they’ll work for you too!

1. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

It’ll boost your mood and make you feel great. Love the body you came in and know what it’s capable of accomplishing. Smile at yourself because of what you’ve achieved! Personally, my body has been through years and years of sports, 4 years of college, and 23 years of being on this planet. I’ve put my body through a lot so the least I could do is smile at how far I’ve come.

2. Exercise.

Don’t be mad, but working out makes me feel 100x better! (I’d roll my eyes if I saw this post but bare with me). If you’re starting to feel like a lazy piece of shit, then go and move! I used to feel like shit and not do anything about it. I’d eat more, pity myself or make up some dumb excuses as to why I’m gaining weight. But now I just listen to my inner Elle Woods. She said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” (And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t). You know I had to finish that quote from Legally Blonde.


3. Surround yourself with positive people.

Hanging around negative people is EXHAUSTING. Then you realize how much their negativity rubs off on you. It’s draining and not fun at all. Their negative thoughts and criticism start to sneak in your everyday vocabulary and routine. If they constantly criticize themselves, then you may start to too. Don’t let negative people suck you into their trap.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Seriously, why do we still do this? I would catch myself comparing myself to the girl at the gym wearing a crop top and has her hair curled or to the people who can do 300 pull ups. I stopped doing that because I’m at the gym for me and no one else. I don’t care what other people around me look like. I feel sexy wearing my Jurassic Park shirt, old shorts, and sweat because I’m at the gym to better myself, not to tear myself down.

This also applies to comparing yourself to others on social media. Don’t do it! People post what’s going right in their life to showcase a “perfect life” to their followers. However, you don’t know what kind of demons people may be battling offline. They could be dealing with their own sense of insecurities or their confidence may not be where they’d like it to be. Nobody’s perfect.

5. Be grateful and say “thank you.”

Seems odd that being grateful can be associated with self-love, but it’s remarkable how it can affect your own happiness. Appreciating your body and mind is step 1. Thank your thighs for taking you where you need to go. Thank your arms for their strength. Thank your mind for where you are now. Thanking your body overall is an important step for learning how to love yourself. Being grateful for the positive influences in your life is step 2.

Appreciating the positive influences around you is step 2. Write thank-you notes, send a text, or make a phone call to those important positive people in your life. Your small thank you will brighten someone else’s day and lets them know the impact they’ve made on your life.


These are some of my steps I take to practice self-love. I’d love to hear about your methods of self-love! Comment below!

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