Tackling literal obstacles

I tackled an obstacle yesterday. A literal obstacle. At the Scioto Audubon obstacle course,  I physically got over this wooden wall that’s taller than I am. Months prior, I wasn’t able to get over it due to lack of perseverance and strength. As of yesterday, I pushed myself up and over the wall and conquered it!

I didn’t get up over the wall all by myself, though. I have to thank my boyfriend Brendon for motivating me and encouraging me to get up and over the wall. He knew I could do it and he pushed me until I actually climbed over it. I also thank him for helping me get stronger physically and mentally.

iqucugumrwhqcHere’s Brendon getting over his own obstacle. 

It felt gratifying to tackle a literal obstacle I had. Getting over this wall, I think, represents how important it is for me to stay determined and driven to get over other obstacles that may come before me in my life. Reaching this one mini milestone hopefully leads to more successful milestones in my future.



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