You lose some, you gain some

With today being the kickoff for Lent, I decided to think about the things I want to fast. I decided to give up pop/soda.

However, growing up my mother said we didn’t have to give up something in particular but we could vow to better our lives by adding something instead of taking something away. For example, working out more often would be an addition.

I wanted to sit down and truly think about these next 40 days and how I can break bad habits and start better ones. I want to be able to achieve my goals and take steps in the best direction for me.


I hope to lose self-doubt, but I hope to gain self-love.

I hope to lose weight, but I want to gain muscle.

I hope to let go of what’s holding me back, but I hope to catch what will keep me going.

I hope to lose all negativity, but I strive to obtain motivation. 

I hope to leave behind the things that stop me, but I hope to tackle obstacles as they come. 

I hope to stop saying “sorry,” but I want to spread “thank yous.”

I hope to lose what hurts me.

I hope to keep pushing. 



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