I’m workin’ on my fitness — he’s my witness

Transitioning from being a year-round athlete to adulting with a 9-5 day job is a big life change. I’m used to eating what I want, when I want and not worrying about my weight.

Let me tell you though…times have changed. I can’t run as fast as I used to. I can’t run for as long as used to. Most of all,  I don’t enjoy working out like I used to because I’m not up to the standard of fitness I once obtained.

I’ve gained a significant amount of weight post-high school. The binge drinking, late-night eating and consistent self-doubting really affected my overall health — mentally, physically and emotionally. Clothes weren’t fitting me the same. I made excuses for not working out. I blamed it on stress of school, roommates and boys; everything else except blaming it on myself.

Luckily, I met someone who is patient enough to help me transition back into the athlete I used to be (or at least get somewhat close to where I once was) and I’m incredibly thankful for him and his all-around support. Like Fergie once said, I’m working on my fitness and he really is my witness. He helps to hold me accountable for my everyday choices.


However, in order to get where I need to be, he said it all starts with what we put into our bodies and how much of it we put into our bodies. How come something so simple can be so challenging to do?

What I’m learning is that it’s all about the choices we make. Do I go to the gym today? Should I run for an extra 15 minutes? Do I really need to have one more slice of pizza? All of these choices shape us, both literally and figuratively. I’m excited, yet anxious, to take this journey with someone in order to make some positive changes and jump into a healthy lifestyle once again.



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